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Class Descriptions

All Radiance Classes include prayer and are taught on the basis of a Christian worldview for the purpose of using ballet to worship God and share the Gospel. 

Creative Movement (45 Minute Class)

3-5 year-olds: preschoolers learn basics of movement, improvisation, simple ballet exercises and terminology; incorporates movement with objects 


​Pre-Ballet (45 Minute Class)
5-6 year-olds: kindergartners learn basic ballet exercises and continue building improvisational skills; incorporates movement with objects

​Beginner Technique (55 Minute Class)
Approximately 7-9 year-olds: Beginner students learn basic ballet exercises, terminology, and technique; occasionally incorporates movement with objects


Intermediate Technique (55 Minute Class)
Intermediate students build upon previous training to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, and understanding of ballet technique. 

Advanced Technique (70 Minute Class) 

Advanced Intermediate students increase coordination and artistry in a creative environment building upon a strong technical foundation.


​Teen & Adult Ballet (45 Minute Class)
13 & up: Older beginner students focus on learning ballet technique for posture, grace, confidence, strength, and flexibility. 


Stretch & Strengthen (45 Minute Class)

13 & up: Class open for anyone who would like to increase strength and flexibility for increased personal fitness.


Pre-Pointe/Pointe (45 Minute Class)

Upper intermediate and advanced students both pre-pointe and en pointe work together in a combined class on foot strengthening and articulation.


Reflections of Praise (55 or 70 Minute Class)

Separate intermediate and advanced student groups learn worship choreography that is created to be shared at various community events. 


Classes utilize a variety of music styles including classical, contemporary Christian, and children's music depending on the type of class. 
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